Image Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

Fed up with the same boring routine? What could be more relaxing than getting away and going to the beach? It's the perfect way to get an excuse for a romantic getaway, a familial holiday, or just to be alone and disconnected from any disturbing noise. Relaxing is the purpose thus soft breeze and waves are the solutions.

Beaches, here we are

There are many oceans, seas and secret beaches around the world. However, we have selected the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world for you.

1. In North Atoll in Maldives. Along the Meeru Islands, heaven is near. With its 1148 foot-long and white sandy beach, it offers you the excellent romantic walk or the best runtime for runners or just for sunbathing. 

2. Whitehaven beach in Australia. Gathering blue and green waters with its silica beach, Whitehaven will take your breath away.

3. Eagle beach in Caribbean. Excellent to spend holidays at any time because Caribbean islands don't really have rainy season. Located in Aruba, one of the small islands, it's a comfortable and friendly place with its white sand sparkling throughout the year.

4. Myrtos Beach in Greece. In Kefalonia, turquoise water and white limestone are combined to give a huge memory for your holidays.

5. Spiaggia Rosa in Italy. Precisely in Sardinia, as its name indicates, it is a beach with pink sand. Indeed, it is like other beaches with blue water but it's one of paradisiacal places in Mediterranean Ocean.

6. Lumahai Beach in Hawaii is the one of the secret beaches in the world. More interesting for adventurers, it is sited in North Shore in Kauai with wet and wild landscape.

7. Anse Intendance in Seychelles. A little tour in Africa will remind you how wild and jungle life is fascinating, combined with shiny water.

8. Reynisfjara in Iceland. Game of Thrones' directors were captivated by this black-sand beach in Vik' village. Don't cross over your chance, take a flight to get there.

9. St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Florida is also one of the secret beaches in California.

10. Railay Beach in Thailand. The beach is on the Southern Thailand, in Krabi. Only accessible by boat, it is fringed by sandstone and the sight of the jungle will wake up the exploratory soul in you.

Choose your options

Choosing is the hardest thing for human beings. Because of the multiplicity of beaches and oceans worldwide, we wonder what would be the best choice. There are tips that are available with technologies.

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