Image Most beautiful black sand beaches

Most beautiful black sand beaches

Black sand beaches are unique and incomparable with its special charm. Many travelers and tourists strive every year to visit all the places where they can be found. Indeed, they are numerous and can be seen in almost every continent.

Black sand beaches are historic because they are the result of volcanic activities of the past. In addition, with their extraordinary color, they offer photographs that mark the time. If usually those beaches can be seen in books and magazines, why not change and choose the black sand beach for your next holidays?

Inventory of the best black sand beaches in the world

Dare to change and discover that a black sand beach is different from any other beaches you have seen and it will be an exceptional experience for original photographs and even new sensations. To do this, choose from the following inventory:

  • Muriwai: This beach is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It stretches over 60 km and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • Punalu'u: It is located in the famous Hawaiian island that features smooth and homogeneous sands. You can also find endangered animals like the green sea turtle there.
  • Vik i Myrdal: The black sand beach runs along the village of Vik, near the cliffs of Mount Reynisfjall. Admittedly, the climate is not always dry; however, the beach offers a heavenly view.
  • Perissa: located in the island of Santorini, it is endowed with fine black sand, identical to pepper with the temperature of the warm and limpid water, which caresses the feet and the body.
  • Reynisfjara: with an exceptional natural landscape, this beach is a popular place and is famous especially as many passages of series and films are shot on it.

Black sand beaches to see absolutely

If you are used to spending your holidays under the sun in fine white sand beaches, now is the time to discover something else. The black sand beaches stand far above other holiday resorts, offer more peace, and are quiet because there are only few people passing by. For you to relax, the Ajuy Beach in Spain is magical with its attractive geographical location.

In a small village, it is perfect to empty your head and to walk around. Diamond Beach in Iceland is the must-see site for visitors thanks to ice blocks spread all over the beach. The beach of Lovina in Bali is another option with its black sand from the cooled lava of the next volcano mountain. This beach offers relaxation and the possibility to see and get close to dolphins as well as activities like snorkeling for the whole family.

Holidays in one of the black sand beaches in the best conditions

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